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Purpose of the An-12 – transportation of goods, self-propelled vehicles, paratroopers.

Purpose of the An-12 – transportation of goods, self-propelled vehicles, paratroopers.

And the sale of about 200 aircraft will give more than $ 3 billion in profit. The cost of the aircraft is about $ 50 million.

Summarizing the proposals to governmental and non-governmental organizations, which may include line ministries and departments, industry enterprises, industry associations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others, we can highlight the following:

Continue comprehensive cooperation with traditional partners, but only if it allows to use the potential of the industry effectively and for the benefit of Ukraine. Establish links with middle-class companies in Western Europe. After all, together with them you can compete with the “owners” of the industry – Airbus and Boeing. Cooperate, including at the state level, with the countries of Eastern Europe – future members of the EU and NATO. Develop alternative projects for the AN-70, such as the release of a civilian version of this aircraft, the launch of serial production of the TU-334 aircraft for the https://123helpme.me/buy-compare-and-contrast-essay/ Russian market, a small transport aircraft that could replace the AN-34, and so on. Development of the internal market – through the introduction of special lending and leasing programs.

Aviation authorities of Ukraine

As part of the general administrative reform in Ukraine, the beginning of which coincided with the admission of Ukraine to the European Conference on Civil Aviation on December 15, 1999, a consistent reform of the civil aviation management system is taking place.

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of March 29, 2000 No. 573, the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine has a State Department of Aviation – the successor of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, which must ensure safe operation of the aviation industry and its comprehensive development in accordance with national legislation and international standards. for their observance by all operators working in Ukraine.

Its main tasks are:

organization and provision of air transportation, works and services; registration and certification of objects and subjects of aviation activity; overseeing aviation and flight safety; effective use of Ukraine’s airspace, including for military purposes; ensuring the functioning of the integrated civil-military air traffic control system and its improvement.

Conclusions. Ukraine has a rich history of domestic aviation. Decade after decade, the aviation heritage received by Ukraine during the restoration of its statehood was formed. Ukrainian aviation, like our statehood, has its ups and downs.

The aviation industry in Ukraine is not only the abstract pride of the country, which is traditionally mentioned by foreign ambassadors and Ukrainian politicians, it is an industry that can really bring profits to Ukraine now and in the future. Ukraine is able to develop and present projects that are competitive not only at the regional but also at the global level.

The potential of the industry is not only aviation plants, but also the availability of personnel and a highly developed scientific base for the industry. Involve them and use them as effectively as possible – a goal that will help raise not only the industry, but also numerous research institutions, basic science. Giant plants, although not efficient enough by today’s standards, are able to employ highly skilled workers and engineers who are now at risk of losing their skills.

Established cooperation with partners in other countries can also be considered a potential. Without losing contact with traditional partners, it is necessary to try to find new partners in the West, as the experience of promoting the AN-70 project shows the difficulties of entering new markets on their own.

The potential of the aircraft market is quite large on a global and regional scale. The domestic market is difficult to assess, but it cannot be ignored. Its development is impossible without the assistance of the state.

As a result, we can talk about the competitiveness of the industry in Ukraine – an industry that is one of the few industries in Ukraine that can claim a high aviation place in the modern world of high technology.

However, there are negative aspects in the aviation sector. The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine assessed the situation in the country’s aviation as catastrophic. “The Ukrainian state has largely lost the mechanisms of aviation control, which has led to its serious disorganization,” said Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Yevhen Marchuk.

In his opinion, there is no effective use of state property in the aviation sector. Currently, there are 25 aircraft outside Ukraine, leased by state-owned enterprises to commercial firms. In most cases, the contracts in these cases were ukto the detriment of the interests of the state. “Only one aircraft leased to Nigeria, the damage to 500 thousand dollars,” – said Marchuk.

In addition, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council said, “military transport aircraft are used to transport commercial cargo without proper control, which provokes an increase in incidents in other countries and damages Ukraine’s international image.” The country has no aviation rescue and search services, international class airports, which has led to the loss of positions in the markets of air transportation and aircraft.

Currently, the state authorities of Ukraine are making a lot of efforts to ensure that the country’s aviation industry meets international standards. This requires time and financial support. But every citizen of Ukraine hopes that the time will come when we will be able to be proud of Ukraine’s aviation, as well as the achievements of independence in general.


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Aircraft of Ukraine: types and characteristics. Abstract

Ukraine is one of the eight countries with the most developed aviation. In addition, in our country there is a full cycle of aircraft creation – from development in the design bureau to ready-made machines at aircraft factories.

The Kyiv Design Bureau, headed by Oleg Antonov for a long time, gained world fame. The main task of KB Antonov is the development of transport and passenger aircraft.

An-2 (1948) – the first propeller transport aircraft.

This aircraft had a metal structure, including wings and tail feathers, equipped with a canvas skin.

Purpose of An-2 – maintenance of agricultural production.

An-12 (1958) is a propeller transport aircraft. The aircraft had a multi-wheeled low landing gear, which allowed it to land and take off from the ground. This design of the cargo plane began to be used in the following transport planes of KB Antonov.

The purpose of the An-12 – transportation of goods, self-propelled vehicles, paratroopers. To do this, a large cargo hatch is provided in the aft part of the aircraft fuselage.

At the end of the fuselage, behind the wheel of heights, was equipped with a place for the shooter.

An-12 has gained popularity in many countries around the world, they were supplied to some European countries, Jordan, India, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, China, Algeria. An-12 has participated in almost all armed conflicts in the world.

An-22 “Antey” (1967) – turboprop four-engine aircraft. “Antey” was considered a giant among aircraft.

The payload of this aircraft is 100 tons, speed 550 km / h, flight range – 5000 km. The An-22 is capable of carrying up to 290 soldiers, medium tanks and all types of military aircraft. This plane can take off from snowy and even ground airfields.

This aircraft has set a world record of 41. Thus, in 1967, the An-22 set a record capacity of 100.4 tons; in 1975 “Antey” covered a distance of 5000 km with a load of 50 tons.

An-26 (1970) – a military transport aircraft, which was equipped with more powerful turboprop engines and redesigned the tail of the fuselage for the cargo hatch, conveyor and hoist.

The plane had a universal ladder ramp. This ladder during the loading of self-propelled and wheeled vehicles deviated to the ground and was absorbed under the fuselage after loading.

A blister was installed in the rear of the cockpit (on the left side of the fuselage) to accurately drop the cargo or land the landing party.

AN-72 (1977 p.) – jet light transport aircraft.

When creating its design, non-traditional methods of increasing the lifting force were used.

An-72 was characterized by ease of operation. 400-450 m is enough for him to run.

The An-74 (1989) is a jet transport aircraft that has more advanced on-board electronic equipment than the An-72.

The purpose of the An-74 is to perform transport works in the far north.

The aircraft was fitted with an anti-icing system, an improved heating system, and the chassis could be replaced with skis.

It is a known fact that an aircraft of this type landed on a prepared ice 600 m long with a payload of 2000 kg.

An-124 “Ruslan” (1987 p.) – a heavy military transport aircraft. It is the largest aircraft in the world of military transport aviation.

The speed of the plane reaches 850 km / h. The An-124 holds 21 world records.

Thus, in 1985, the An-124 lifted a load weighing 171,219 kg to an altitude of 2,000 m, and in 1987 it set a record for the range of the closed route 20 150.92 km.

During the flight, the Ruslan is completely sealed, and cargo hatches open on the ground from both the bow and the tail. The fuselage can accommodate buses or cars, small planes and rail freight cars.

An-225 “Dream” (1988 p.) – cargo plane. It is the largest aircraft in the world.

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